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A photoblog from Rob's recent visit to Spain & Madeira


This Lombardini Italian tractor from the 50s is all Perez can get to his high sites like Espanillo - where his greatest wines come from. He put the roll bar on after the last roll nearly killed him.

Greg is starting to use more and more 600-litre barrels and mucking around with amphora.

The first white from amphora is delicious. Something lost, something gained.

But these beauties from Marc Grenier are the favourites!

Recovering the viña del Colao; a reliativly new parcel of old Mencía that is currently being restored. 

The rocky, highland terroir (at 750 metres) of Perez's Espanillo vineyard in the Alto Bierzo. 

The isolated, old-vine Mencía plot of Sancho Martín (you see the young plants here). The vineyard looks more like a quarry; it's incredibly stony with the new plantings and mature (80+ years old) vines protruding from its thick blanket of schist. At an altitude about 840m Perez only gets pick about 1000 kilos of grapes from the older vines, mainly Mencía, but this is a field including 15% of Grenache and 5% of Godello.

Baby Mencía and Merenzao vines alongside the old vines in Sancho Martín.

Back in Cacabalos. Greg's dog is a notorious local cat killer. Has to stay tied up when out the front. Refused to look at me as was constantly distracted by any movement.

Chow time at a cool little resto/bar in Ponferrada called Rosita.

Surf 'n' Turf Bierzo-style, and ...

... a delicious Tuna tataki.

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