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Vino Quantico, Etna: Lava Lovin'

Of all the new grower wines we shipped last year, I’m guessing none jumped out the blocks as quickly as Vino Quantico. I know this because when I went to grab a few bottles shortly after the release both wines were as good as sold out. Of course we didn’t have a lot of wine to begin with – Quantico is absolutely tiny, producing around 400 cases per year, total!

Quantico’s cuvées are at once emblematic of the rejuvenated Sicilian terroir of Mount Etna yet at the same time they are unique - with a freshness, finesse and purity that can surprise. Both the wines of this tiny estate are drawn mostly from old, freestanding alberello (bush trained) vines rooted on northeastern flank of the volcano and crafted without any additions at all – including zero sulphur. Wanting to avoid missing out again, I’ve already grabbed a few bottles of the newly arrived ‘13s.  After tasting the wines again, I would advise you to do the same. They’re bound to disappear quickly, we only have 20 dozen of the bianco and 15 dozen of the rosso! These are two of the purest and most distinctive earth-to-glass – or lava-to-glass in this case – wines we have shipped this year. If you are new to this producer, do not buy these wines looking for powerful, dense wines. Rather these are a vibrant, fine, unashamedly lighter bodied and mineral wines - perfumed and crunchy - reflecting the pulsating, mineral energy of this incredible landscape. 

You can read more about these wines in our newsletter offer, on our website.