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A Bannockburn Bulletin

Many of our clients have asked to be kept in the loop regarding the recent winemaking changes at Bannockburn, so here’s what we know so far. Michael Glover has of course flown the coop and, as we write these words, might even be enjoying a nice plate of fush en chups in the Upper Moutere, Nelson. Michael has taken the role of head winemaker at Woollaston Estate, while also working on his own Moutere-based Mammoth project (the wines of which we harbour hopes of offering in the near future).

Bannockburn will not be appointing a new head winemaker until the dust settles on the 2015 vintage. Regarding this vintage, Bannockburn have enlisted the help of Matt Holmes (the handsome fellow pictured below) to vinify the ’15 wines, alongside the existing Bannockburn crew. Matt, who flies into the thick of vintage from Canada on Monday 17th, has previous history with Bannockbun—it was he who vinifed the 2005 vintage after Gary Farr moved on. In the intervening years Matt has been living and making wine in the stunning Okanagan wine region of British Columbia, Canada—firstly at Tantalus, and more recently with Liquidity. Matt will be in the mix when the process of appointing the new head winemaker beings post harvest.

Obviously, Bannockburn’s owners - who have pretty good taste in winemakers - were impressed enough with this work in 2005 (where he produced a terrific set of wines) to fly him in from half way across the globe, and we can’t wait to see what he crafts from 2015.  Good luck Matt! Hopefully we'll catch up of a few light ales after vintage

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